What's Brewing ?
NGV Launches a national distribution network for conversion and after sales support with Stoops Freightliner
EPA certificates granted for Ford Focus 2.1 and Ford E 350 To NGV.
NEW EPA Fast track guidelines enables NGV to expand their offerings to the US Market.
NGV offers a wide range of dedicated CNG Kits for Medium and Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks and Buses.
NGV offers all Bi-fuel Kits for conversion. All cars that are for year 2009 or older can be enabled to run on CNG or Petrol by NGV Kits
NGV offers a wide range of Kits for Dedicated CNG for Petrol cars for year 2009 or older. Will provide EPA certificates as part of delivery
First dedicated package available for Mercedes diesel 906 engine family. Also available the Ford E 450 and E 350 heavy duty package.
Conversion systems to CNG dedicated (100% CNG) of diesel vehicles
Conversion systems to dual fuel (mixture of diesel and CNG) of diesel vehicles.
Conversion systems to CNG of petrol vehicles.
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